1-2-1 Nutrition Coaching

"Through the power of  coaching, I want to help you become the hero of your transformation."

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Confused about how to eat for your needs on a plant-based or vegan diet?

Feeling overwhelmed by trying to change your diet and habits?

Struggling to get the results you want?

Do you want to be healthier but not sure where to start?

Changing diet, or life-long habits, can be confusing and feel like a mountain to climb.  To succeed, we often have a better chance of doing so with the help of others. This is where Nurtured Plate and nutritional coaching can help. I am here with you, to advise, educate and keep you moving towards your goals. My coaching methods are centred around discovering what works best for you, working with your circumstances, and advising you on how best to reach your goals. Together we will examine the whole picture of your health, not just the number on the scales: no meal plans, no pre-made programmes, or “fad diet”, but a flexible approach, most suited to your preferences and be sustainable for life.


I specialise in plant-based nutrition. I help people introduce more plants in their current diet, or support them with their transition to be fully plant-based or vegan. Through the power of one-to-one coaching, I want to help you through your hero's journey towards the goals you want to achieve.

"Become the hero of your transformation!"

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Are you ready To get results?

  • Improve your health!

  • Finally reach your body goals

  • Sustain your results for life!

  • Feel energised and empowered!

  • Successfully create better lifestyle habits!

  • Feel confident about your nutrition!

  • Thrive on a plant centered diet!


Learn how to adapt a plant-based or vegan diet for your goals


Learn how to easily understand the basics of nutrition.


Learn how to optimise your  health and avoid chronic deseases


Learn how to implement your new habits succesfully


Learn how to build plan that works for you and your lifestyle

What You Will Get

1. Nutrition Strategies

I will give you personally tailored nutritional advice and strategies in order to help you reach your goals. These are individual to you and your preferences.

4. Learning

Through each step of your journey, you will receive educational content to help you learn how to sustain your goals, and support the changes in your lifestyle.

2. Weekly Check-ins

Every week you will have a written check-in to review your progress and any barriers that may have come up. You will then receive written feedback and advice from it.

5. Support

You will have access to unlimited messaging with your coach via the client portal system and emails during working hours.

3. Feedback Calls

Once a month we will schedule a one hour review live call, to review your goals, adapt your program as needed and what to focus on during the following month.

6. Community

Become part of our Nurtured Plate heroes community through a members-only Facebook group, to share your journey and find support with like-minded peers.



Monthly Subscription 


Who is this for?

People wanting to reach aesthetic or performance goals on a plant-based or vegan diet. 

People who want to improve their health to avoid the onset of chronic diseases

People wanting to save time by not struggling on their own 

People who want support with their nutritional or lifestyle transformations

People who want to sustain their results long term

People ready to become the best version of themselves


Our Heroes Testimonial

“ Nurtured Plate helped me with my diet plan when it came to training and running a marathon. Not only was Steph brilliant when it came to coming up with a plan that suited my needs, she was also super friendly and available to answer any of my questions. I was able to achieve my goals and go onto completing my first marathon! I would recommend Steph to anybody who is thinking about making some positive changes to their diet”

- Victoria

“ I believe that nutrition is something unique, no meal plans, no restrictions, just finding what works best for each individual”

  • 1-2-1 coaching and support

  • Personalised nutrition program

  • Weekly accountability with written check-ins

  • Individualised feedback and guidance

  • Monthly one hour live calls

  • Everything in one place through the client portal via PTDisitinction

  • Educational and practical PDF content catered to your needs.

  • Two recipe books

  • Unlimited messaging support during working hours

  • Access to the private Facebook community group 

  • Individualised support and guidance through your progress

What You get

About Me

Nurtured Plate originated from a love of sharing my passion for food and wishing to help others with their health and wellbeing. I have been plant-based for nine years, and I have been through my own journey with my weight, health, and performance goals. My mission is to help people live long, healthy lives, and help them avoid the onset of chronic diseases. I truly believe that by taking care of your plate, you can transform your life.......


Are you ready to start your journey?

Monthly Subscription 


What happens next?

After our initial call to see if we match, and you decide to proceed with signing up with the coaching service, I will send you an email with the sign-up and payment details. You will proceed with creating your account on PTDistinction and then the subscription set up via PayPal. From there you will have access to your client account, and receive your welcome content and pre-consultation form. We will schedule the first one hour call where we will set up your goals and start your journey from there.
Check out our  "How it works" and "
Client Portal" for more details.



How Do you Do you Track My progress? 

I provide coaching through the online software PT Distinction. This enables us to keep track of all the data I need to support you in your progress. Through this software, you can also access all of your content and files in one place, receive reminders, and keep in contact with me through the week facilitating your journey and habit changes. Check out the CLIENT PORTAL for more details

How long is the coaching for?

My coaching service is based on a monthly subscription and you may cancel your subscription at any time before your next billing date. Change takes time and I would advise that in order to reach significant results a minimum of three months would be advisable to ensure you get the most out of the program.

Do you design meal plans?

I can offer meal plan examples to help you at the start of your journey if you feel that would help you. However, my role as a coach is to provide you with the tools and information you need in order for you to become fully autonomous by the end of our time together. 

How is this Service Different from others?

This nutritional coaching service is designed for you!  As a coach, I will work with you to figure out what works for your needs and diet preferences. You as the client hold the wheel as to how you want your journey to move forwards, what your goals are and what you want to achieve.

What if I still want to eat meat? Can I work with you?

I specialise in plant-based nutrition and how to cater it to your needs. Whether you choose to include animal-based products, or not, is entirely up to you. However, basing your diet on whole plant-based foods has been proven to support optimal health factors. For more details go to:  What is a plant-based diet? 


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