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90-day plant-powered transformation Programme

A 90-day group coaching program to successfully lose weight and improve your health

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Are you fed up with diets that are too hard to follow long term? Getting stressed out and overwhelmed trying to stick to restrictive diets around your busy life and missing out on all your favourite foods?

What if you could feel like this?

Through this group coaching programme, you will learn how to lose weight through a plant-based diet so you can....

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Be confident to become the person you want to be

Flexible and unrestricted in your food choices

Feel healthier and live a long healthy life avoiding lifestyle diseases

Stress less and regain your time 

Feel in control of your health and wellbeing

Motivated and accountable for your success

Never  feel like you need another diet ever again

90-day plant-powered transformation Programme

I created a 90-day group coaching programme as a one pit stop to be able to lose weight in a sustainable and healthy way through a plant-based diet. You will join the other academy members on a journey that takes you through the step-by-step process of addressing your nutrition, mindset and habits in order to help you reach your goals. 



Weekly check-ins form so you can keep track of your progress, with feedback from me.

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Weekly Coaching

Recieve weekly step by step coaching content and lessons about nutrition, mindset and eating  plant-based.


Plant-based Diet

You will have access to recipe books and content specifically created to help you transition towards a plant-based diet.


Group VIdeo Calls

Join weekly Zoom calls for further topic discussions, Q&A's and to interact with the other members of the academy.

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Flexible Dieting

Recieve personalised calorie breakdown and monlthy adjustments if needed.


Data Tracking

All the programme is done via PT Distinction software allowing us to track all of your data and measure your progress.


Healthy Habits

With the coaching lesson you will have tasks and habits to help you action the changes you need to make.


Members Only FB Group

Access the private Facebook group to connect with support the other members going through the same journey as you.

plant-based Approach

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adapt to any social event

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Diet Flexibility 

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Long term foundations

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 balanced nutrition

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lose fat & retain muscle

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Mindset and habits 

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Long healhty living 

My Coaching is for you if you are...

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Busy with life and work but want to achieve your body goals

You wish to have a step by step plan to follow but still have flexibility

You want to stop feeling guilty of the food on your plate.

Overwhelmed and stressed by making changes to your lifestyle.

Sick of diets that don't cater for your needs and life

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You need support and accountability to help you on the way

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"Because I was already vegan, I thought my diet was pretty good, but I wanted to lose weight, and it just wasn't happening when I tried on my own. I didn't want a fad diet; I wanted something I could commit to long-term. Stephanie helped me evaluate not just my food choices, but all aspects around my eating that could impact my results. Together we found what worked for my body, my lifestyle and my future goals. She knew how to be a direct and honest coach and how to personalise the help I needed to my individual needs. I now better understand my patterns, choices and have been losing weight at a steady pace. Thank you, Steph!"

- Danni

About Your Coach

My name is Stephanie Dominguez, and I am the founder and coach at Nurtured Plate. I created Nurtured Plate Academy to be of service to others who need a helping hand to reach their weightloss goals through a plant-based diet.

I have been plant-based for nine years, and I have been through my own journey with my weight loss and body transformation. My mission is to help you live long, healthy lives. Nurtured Plate originated from my love of sharing my passion for food and wishing to help others with their health and wellbeing. I truly believe that by taking care of your plate, you can transform your life


90-day plant-powered transformation Group Coaching Programme

for 3 months of group coaching.

Full payment of £435.

Monthly instalments available.


  • Accountability with weekly check-ins forms

  • Weekly drip-fed coaching content for step by step progression

  • Personalised calorie breakdown with monthly review

  • Weekly actions & habit setting to implement the changes you need to reach your goals

  • Weekly live Zoom call for Q&A and members interactions

  • Members-only community to support you and connect with other students

  • Lessons on how to eat a plant-based diet and the steps to implement it

  • Recipe books full of delicious ideas to make plant-based foods tasty, quick and cheap

  • All in one coaching app with trackers for all your data

  • Understand how to manage your diet and life events around it

  • Learn how to make your results sustainable for life

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What am I investing in?

How much do you value your health? 

For the same price as a sandwich meal deal, you can invest in bettering your health, implementing better habits and have a step by step guide to achieving your weight loss goals while thriving on a plant-based diet.

12 weeks may seem like a long time but over the course of a lifetime, it's merely a blip that could impact the rest of your life. 

What's different about this Programme?

You don't need to be a scientist to understand this course. It is designed for the everyday person who just needs a bit of guidance to implement positive nutritional changes in their life. I created this course to be accessible and as actionable as possible, to make your transition towards a diet based around whole plant-based foods as easy as possible.

Through my coaching methodology, evidence-based facts and advice, group support and actionable tools, this programme is a step-by-step to support your choice of wanting to eat more plants, better your health and support your core values.

No matter if you want to go the whole way or not, this model teaches you some of the fundamentals of nutrition to empowers you to understand what you put on your plate and how it can transform your life.

Image by Helena Lopes

Our first Academy Intake starts Soon!

Refund policy

Due to the digital nature of the product and coaching content, this program is non-refundable beyond the 14-day cooling-off period after the date of your initial payment.




Can I Cancel my Payments?

You may cancel your payments if you are doing the instalments payment option, however, you will lose all access to the course and the group once the month paid for is over. Payments in full are non-cancellable.

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If I want to eat meat can I do this course?

YES you totally can!! The aim of this programme give you information and education about the benefits of a plant-based diet, but this does not mean that you have to give up meat entirely. You can still include it if that is your wish to do so. Be aware that the course will be geared towards the aim to eat predominantly a whole food plant-based diet but you can adapt it to your preferred lifestyle choices. 

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How long can I have access to this course?

Once the 12 weeks are done, and full payment has been completed, you will have access to the content of the course for the rest of your life!  I hope this content can serve you well for the rest of your life and you can refer to it any point in the future if needed. 

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How will I engage with the other class members?

For each intake to the course, a private Facebook group will be made so you can interact with all the other class members and support each other as you go through your journeys. You will also be able to see everyone during our live Q&A calls every week and speak to them during breakout rooms. 

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