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1:1  plant fuelled
weight loss Plan

"Lose fat, get healthy and achieve your goals!."

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Do you give up on your diets because you feel stressed, restricted by the lack of choice and simply don't have the time for it?

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What if you could feel like this?

As a coach, I am here to advise and educate you on how to lose excess weight through a plant-based diet so you can....

  • Be empowered to be the person you want to see reflected in the mirror

  • Feel less stressed about handling your nutrition around your busy life 

  • Become healthier and live a long life avoiding lifestyle diseases

  • Live a life without any forbidden foods

  • Feel confident about your eating habits

  • Build a positive relationship with food

  • Sustain your results for life and never feel like you're dieting ever again!

1:1  plant fuelled
weight loss - 3 Month Plan

A 3 MONTH INTENSIVE COACHING  with twice a month video calls, weekly check-ins and feedback to work on creating quick and effective changes to your nutrition, diet and lifestyle in order for you to create significant results and reach your goals to lose fat on a plant-based diet. 



You will have weekly check-ins and feedback to review your progress and keep you on track.


Live Calls

You will have twice a month live calls with me to work on your weight loss progress, mindset and give you my support to reach your goals.


Plant-based Specific

You will have access to recipe books and content specifically created to help you transition towards a plant-based diet.


Data Tracking

All the coaching is done via bespoke software PT Distinction allowing us to track all of your data and measure your progress.

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Flexibile Dieting

Receive personalised nutritional advice and flexible strategies in order to help you reach your goals. 


Educational Content

Through each step of your journey, you will have access to video, written educational content and resources to help you on your journey.


Members Only FB Group

You'll have access to my members-only community to support you and connect with others on a similar journey as you.


Unlimited messaging

Ask me anything in between calls via the client portal system during working hours.


Adapt your diet to suit your needs and preferences and choices.


Be held accountible  ans supported throughout your jounrey.


Feel confident to live the life you want and maintain results long term.


Become healhtier, and never feel like your dieting ever again.


"Because I was already vegan, I thought my diet was pretty good, but I wanted to lose weight, and it just wasn't happening when I tried on my own. I didn't want a fad diet; I wanted something I could commit to long-term. Stephanie helped me evaluate not just my food choices, but all aspects around my eating that could impact my results. Together we found what worked for my body, my lifestyle and my future goals. She knew how to be a direct and honest coach and how to personalise the help I needed to my individual needs. I now better understand my patterns, choices and have been losing weight at a steady pace. Thank you, Steph!"

- Danni

My Coaching is for you if you are...

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Wanting to transform your body by eating a plant-based or vegan diet.

You want to save time and stress less by not struggling on your own.

Your fear your health will get worst if you don’t make a change today.

Overwhelmed by making changes to your lifestyle.

You need accountability and intensive personalised support.

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Tired of feeling guilty or fearful of the food on your plate.

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About Me

I have been plant-based for nine years, and I have been through my own journey with my weight loss and body transformation. My mission is to help you live long, healthy lives. Nurtured Plate originated from my love of sharing my passion for food and wishing to help others with their health and wellbeing. I truly believe that by taking care of your plate, you can transform your life.......

“ I believe that nutrition is something unique with no restrictions. It's about finding what works best for you”

  • 3 months of intensive 1:1 nutrition coaching to change your diet and lifestyle

  • Accountability with weekly check-ins and twice a month video calls

  • Flexible nutrition strategy planned around preferences and lifestyle

  • Weekly habits and tasks to improve your relationship with food 

  • Members-only community to support you and connect with others on a similar journey

  • Understand how to eat a plant-based diet and the steps to implement it

  • Recipes books full of delicious ideas to make plant-based foods tasty, quick and cheap

  • All in one coaching app with trackers for all your data

  • Unlimited messaging support (within working hours)

  • Access to video and written educational content library

  • Understand how to cater your diet and life events around it

  • Learn how to make your results sustainable for life

1:1  plant fuelled
weight loss 3 month Plan

for 3 months of intensive support
(Total of £675)

£225/ month

Payment available in instalments

12 Week Plan

If 1:1 coaching is not for you but you still want to lose weight through a plant-based diet why not check out the other types of programmes I offer?

1:1 Coaching not for you?

(Coming Soon)

What happens next?

After our initial call to see if we match, and you decide to proceed with signing up with the coaching service, I will send you an email with the sign-up and payment details. You will proceed with creating your account on PTDistinction and then the subscription set up via PayPal. From there you will have access to your client account, and receive your welcome content and pre-consultation form. We will schedule the first one hour call where we will set up your goals and start your journey from there.
Check out our 
"How it works" and "Client Portal" for more details.



How Do you Do you Track My progress? 

I provide coaching through the online software PT Distinction. This enables us to keep track of all the data I need to support you in your progress. Through this software, you can also access all of your content and files in one place, receive reminders, and keep in contact with me through the week facilitating your journey and habit changes. Check out the CLIENT PORTAL for more details

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How long is the coaching for?

My coaching service is based on a monthly subscription. You may cancel your subscription at any time before your next billing date. Change takes time and I would advise that in order to reach significant change and results, a minimum of three months would be advisable to ensure you get the most out of the program.

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Do you design meal plans?

I can offer meal plan examples to help you at the start of your journey if you feel that would help you. However, my role as a coach is to provide you with the tools and information you need in order for you to become fully autonomous by the end of our time together, so you understand how to create flexibility around your nutrition. 

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How is this Service Different from others?

This nutritional coaching service is designed for you!  As a coach, I will work with you to figure out what works for your needs, busy life and diet preferences. You as the client hold the wheel as to how you want your journey to move forwards, what your goals are and what you want to achieve.

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What if I still want to eat meat? Can I work with you?

Being plant-based means that the majority of your food comes from whole plant-based foods, the rest is entirely up to your preferences. You can be an omnivore, vegetarian or vegan and still be plant-based. For more details go to:  What is a plant-based diet? 

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