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4 best supplements you need on a plant-based diet

When your first transitioning towards a plant-based diet, you may wonder if you will become deficient in anything and if supplements are needed.

For most of your nutritional needs, the reality is that if you eat enough calories from a range of plant-based whole foods, have as much variety and colours as possible then you should be covered for the majority of things. (unless you have a medical condition that hinders this).

There are, however, a couple of areas that need to be looked at, as some sources may not be found in plants or in high enough amounts to be optimal.

These are B12, Vitamin D, Omega-3 and iodine. These are essential for everyone.

B12 can't be found in plants so this one is a non-negotiable everyone need, even some omnivores.

Some such as EPA and DHA, compounds in omega-3's are more predominantly available in fish and algae for example, which is why if you are not consuming these, supplementation may be necessary.

Similar to Vitamin D, which primarily comes from sunlight so anyone living in low UV index areas such as the UK in winter, would be advised to take a supplement.

Deficiencies can take many years to show any notable or visible symptoms. If you are worried about your levels, go to your GP and ask for a full blood panel test and take it from there.

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