• Stephanie Dominguez

How can you boost your iron intake on a plant-based diet?

To maintain a good level of health iron is a vital part of healthy red blood function. It would therefore be logical to assume that iron only comes from meat. So you may wonder where you can get it from a plant-based diet since it is so important? I will be covering what iron is, why it matters and what are the differences to pay attention to between the different food sources, and how to optimise your iron intake.

What is iron? And Why Does it Matter?

Iron is a mineral that the body needs for growth and development. The body uses iron to make the proteins in your blood that then carry oxygen throughout your body. It is also vital to produce some hormones. There are two types or iron:

  • Haem iron: found mainly in red meat

  • Non-haem iron: found in plant foods

An iron deficiency usually results in anaemia which is categorised by weakness, tiredness and lethargy.

Iron deficiency is not significantly more common in plant-based, and vegan diets than the general population as iron deficiency is the most common worldwide.

People eating a WFPB diet generally consume as much iron as, or slightly more than, omnivores. Despite having similar iron intakes, the iron stores are usually lower in those