• Stephanie Dominguez

Simple Ways to Improve The Way You Sleep right now

Sleep is something we spend 30% of our lives doing and probably less than 1% of a day thinking about.

While pleasant, sleep seems outwardly like a bit of a waste of time. Except it isn’t.

Sleep isn’t something that happens to you when your brain’s tired, meaning that avoiding it isn’t a sign of being able to override your fatigue. Rather, sleep is a necessary process that your brain actively causes every day. While you are asleep your brain’s still working.

Sleep deprivation of only one hour can dysregulate your appetite and make you statistically more likely to be overweight and accelerate common issues such as diabetes (due to weight gain), cancer, heart disease, poor fertility, weakened immune system & DNA damage. Beyond that amount, it will impair exercise performance, muscle growth and recovery, concentration, while also making you more irritable. It can even sap creativity and make it exceedingly difficult to focus on a given task. Not great, and you can’t undo all of that with coffee, either.

Almost all adults in the UK are undersleeping, with the official recommendation being 7-9 hours per night (the variance is genetic, though women tend to need more sleep than men), and it’s not just about the duration, it’s about the quality. Sleep happens in stages and you need all of them for a proper night’s sleep.

So how can you improve your sleep right now?