• Stephanie Dominguez

Top sources of calcium on a plant-based diet

Calcium is probably best known for its role as a bone component, though it is also vital for heart function, digestive health and the contraction/relaxation of muscles. Adequate calcium intake is also needed for the proper function of blood cells. Calcium deficiency can lead to cramping and muscle spasms as well as bone weakness and Osteoporosis.

The recommended daily intake for calcium is 1000mg, with an upper limit of 2500mg as this can cause constipation and impair iron and zinc absorption.

Good calcium sources are fortified dairy alternatives, calcium-set tofu, dried figs, dried apricots, nuts, leafy green vegs such as spinach, tahini, sesame seeds, red kidney beans, and tap water in hard water areas.

Phytates and oxalates in legumes and many other plant foods inhibit absorption. To combat this presoak or sprout your legumes to reduce this effect. Vitamin D also aids absorption.

Examples of Plant-based sources